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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions not answered here, feel free to contact us directly

In order for us to progress and settle your claim, there are a number of things we will need to discuss with you. These will include confirming the details of items you are claiming for and the circumstances that led to your claim. We will need to substantiate your claim by arranging collection in order that we can complete an inspection of the damaged items.

If unfortunately you have accidentally damaged your item(s) we will need to arrange for the inspection which is completed by our “in-house” workshop. We are required by your insurer to report on any damage, therefore should we be unable to inspect the items, it may affect the outcome of your claim

We may be requested by your insurer to collect a policy excess payment on their behalf. You will be notified prior to the dispatch of any items if we are required to collect a payment from you with regards to repaired or replaced items. Excess payments can be made using credit/debit card (including American Express) or by BACS.

Please do not dispose of any damaged items that you are claiming for until Value Checkers has made contact with you and established whether a collection or inspection is required, as this can impact on the settlement of the claim.

We aim to make contact with you within one hour of receiving your details from the claims dept. Should we need to collect your damaged item for inspection, we will arrange for a courier to be with you as soon as the next working day. In some cases the collection can be completed on the same day as the instruction from the claims dept. We work with two couriers to give you the flexibility and try to avoid the inconvenience of “waiting in” all day. You can choose to take the damaged item to a “drop off” centre which is normally local to your address or collections can be made from a UK home address or workplace (with your approval).

Under the terms of your insurance policy we are instructed to replace items on a “like for like” basis and not by price. Accordingly, any offer we make to you will be determined by the features and specifications of the items claimed for. This is based on the current market equivalent for products of a similar and/or same quality and specification and not the original cost of the item. Market trends and manufacturer production can mean that the most suitable and equivalent replacement is not necessarily within the same product range or brand.

Unfortunately we can only collect or inspect your item during the week. However, our couriers can make arrangements to collect items from alternative addresses within the UK, such as your workplace or from a relative. You could also take your item to a “drop off” centre which is usually local to your address, please ask us for further details.

In the unlikely event that you receive a damaged or faulty item, it is important you contact us within 24 hours of delivery so we can resolve the issue. Please do NOT return any item to us before you have spoken with ourselves as we may be able to resolve your issue via the telephone. If you suspect that a package has been damaged in transit we would recommend delivery is refused or to sign for the item and indicate it is unchecked.

All repairs are supplied with a standard 12 month warranty. This warranty covers both labour and any parts used. In the unlikely event that you do experience issues with the repair, please contact us promptly. We may be able to provide technical support over the phone, alternatively we may be required to arrange a collection of the item to investigate further. You may of taken out an extended warranty with Apple if this is the case we will match the warranty that is left assuming it is more than our standard 12 months.

Yes, in certain scenarios it is possible to upgrade components. Upgrades include RAM (memory), Hard Drive (storage), Operating System and various other features. For further details please ask a Claim Advisor.

Our Claims Handling Team can be contacted by various methods including telephone, email & live chat:

01296 695790
[email protected]
[email protected]

Where we collect your items for inspection, we will arrange for your old items to be disposed of in accordance with the WEEE directive controlled through the Environment Agency.

Under the terms of your insurance policy, once we have settled your claim, ownership of any items inspected are transferred to your insurance company and as such we are unable to return them to you.

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